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Each AI bot here was trained by Thomas Easley, RH (AHG), and then tested and improved through multiple iterations based on feedback from advanced students and instructors at the The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine

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It’s simple – people learn best when they have access to high-quality information and instant feedback.


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Why HerbalMedicine.AI?

The Ultimate AI Tutor and Clinical Assistant

Unlock a whole new world of herbal medicine expertise, powered by cutting-edge AI and trained by Thomas Easley, one of North America’s leading clinical herbalists.

Tired of wading through “internet-level” herbalism? We were too. The unfortunate reality is that generic AI models, while brilliant in their own right, were trained on poor quality, often misleading data about herbal medicine. So, Thomas rolled up his sleeves, learned to code, and poured decades of hands-on clinical experience into these AIs. Each AI here is a graduate of The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s “real-world bootcamp,” trained and then tested and improved through multiple iterations based on feedback from advanced students and experts.

We understand that your needs differ whether you’re a budding student or an experienced practitioner. That’s why we offer two distinct tiers of custom-trained AIs.

In either tier, each bot has been trained meticulously to fill the gaping void in herbal medicine education and practice, breaking free from the confines of “internet-level” herbalism. Whether you’re a student looking to master the basics or a practitioner keen on honing clinical efficiency, Herbalmedicine.ai is your go-to resource.

For Students: The Ultimate Tutor

Ever wished for a tutor who can give you expert advice 24/7? Our student-centric bots focus on tutoring and feedback, bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical wisdom. Ask StudyBuddy to explain a complicated concept; get clinically relevant plant info from HerbieAi; ask QuizzyBot to assess your understanding of any health topic. These bots provide a level of expertise that generic AIs simply can’t.

For Practitioners: The Clinical Assistant

Time is of the essence in a clinical setting, and inefficiencies can cost you more than just money. Our practitioner-centric bots are designed to streamline your clinical operations. Think of them as your invisible, super-efficient clinical assistants—freeing up your time, so you can focus on what matters most: client care.

Your New Practice Resource

Turn voice-to-text into SOAP gold in seconds, efficiently manage communication so that you can focus on crafting individualized care, gain comprehensive, evidence-based differential assessments at the speed of thought…and much more!

Student AI Bots

Meet Herbie: Your Pocket Guide to Western Herbal Materia Medica

Ever find yourself scrambling to get the right herbal info? Meet Herbie, an AI trained on Western Herbal Materia Medica. From herbal actions to preparation methods, Herbie's got you covered with pinpoint accuracy, minus the information overload. While it does tip its hat to popular herbs from Ayurveda and TCM, Herbie shines brightest when talking Western herbalism.

Introducing Buddy: The Mentor You've Always Wanted

No more scratching your head over complex physiological processes or mechanisms of action. StudyBuddy has been schooled on the entire curriculum of The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. Whether you're puzzling over pathophysiology or diving deep into mechanisms of action, Buddy simplifies the complex and elevates your understanding.

Discover Quizzy

Tests have consistently been shown to improve learning, but that process works best when you get instant feedback. QuizzyBot tests you, adapts to your learning level and pushes you to hone your expertise. Give it a topic, and be prepared for a challenging and fun learning experience!

Discover SerenityBot

SerenityBot is a personal growth companion designed to provide you with empathetic support and guidance as you navigate life's challenges and opportunities. With SerenityBot by your side, you have a caring, knowledgeable ally to help you cultivate greater self-awareness, resilience, and positive change on your personal development journey.

Practitioner AI Bots

Meet Your New Partner Scribebot – Your Clinical Documentation Assistant

For practitioners, ScribeBot acts as your digital shorthand artist, seamlessly generating SOAP notes from intake forms and transcripts so you can keep your focus where it belongs—on client care. This isn't just a secretary bot; it's your silent partner in creating accurate, efficient clinical records. As a bonus, ScribeBot is programmed to include mechanisms of action for medications and screen for red flags. Trust us, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. The data submitted to Scribebot is anonymous, but not HIPAA compliant (yet), so be sure to omit client names and identifying data when you paste in intake forms.

Intruducing CommuniBot

CommuniBot draws from a rich knowledge base spanning behavioral science, motivational interviewing, and adult learning principles. If you're having difficulty explaining a complex concept to a client or looking for ways to help them build intrinsic motivation for change, simply share your situation with CommuniBot.

Get Acquainted with DiffBot

DiffBot is programmed to think of the clinical syndromes and scenarios you might not consider. Give it as much data as you can – copy and paste bloodwork, imaging results, symptoms, SOAP notes, or even your own thoughts, and it will provide a possible assessment or two and let you know what information would be necessary to increase assessment accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of knowledge for the bots on Herbalmedicine.ai?

Our bots are not generalists. They are specifically trained in herbal medicine based on decades of hands-on clinical experience and validated student feedback. They can provide domain-specific insights but won’t offer perspectives on unrelated subjects or personal medical advice.

How reliable is the information from these bots?

While our bots undergo rigorous training and iterative improvements, they aren’t infallible. We encourage critical thinking; if you spot an inaccuracy, please report it by typing “Inaccurate” into the bot’s text field for priority retraining.

Can these bots lie to me?

If you push the bots toward subjects they aren’t programmed for, they might generate inaccurate responses. Again, critical thinking is your best ally here.

Is my interaction with the bots anonymous?

Unless specified, all interactions are anonymized. However, for a personalized experience, particularly with practitioner bots like ScribeBot, some data entry may be needed. This data is treated with strict confidentiality but is not HIPAA-compliant at this stage.

Are these bots a replacement for clinical judgment?

Absolutely not. These bots serve as educational and clinical assistance tools. They don’t replace the nuanced decision-making process of a trained herbalist.

Why do some bots include mechanisms of action and others do not?

Bots like ScribeBot are specially designed to help practitioners by including mechanisms of action for medications. This allows for a more nuanced understanding of potential interactions and aids in decision-making.

What happens if I seek personal medical advice?

Our platform isn’t designed to offer personal medical advice. Doing so will lead to a permanent ban from using our services.

Are these bots HIPAA-compliant?

While data submitted to ScribeBot is anonymous, it’s not yet HIPAA-compliant. Please refrain from including client names or identifying data when interacting with it.

Can I suggest new features or bots?

We value community input. If you have an idea that can make Herbalmedicine.ai even better, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your feedback might just spark our next innovation.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Should you choose to cancel your subscription, we want to assure you that you’ll retain uninterrupted access to all our services until the conclusion of your current subscription period. Although we don’t offer refunds upon cancellation, we believe in honoring the time you’ve already committed to us. Enjoy the service until the last moment of your subscription!

How do the bots adapt to my learning curve?

Some of our bots, like QuizzyBot, employ adaptive learning algorithms. They adjust the complexity of questions and topics based on your performance, nudging you toward a higher level of mastery.

Do the bots get updated with the latest research and practices?

Absolutely. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that the bots are regularly retrained based on updated data and validated clinical practices.

Can I use these bots on mobile devices?

Yes, Herbalmedicine.ai is designed for seamless operation across desktop and mobile platforms. It’s like having a pocket herbal compendium with you all the time.

How do you ensure the quality of information?

Each bot undergoes a “real-world bootcamp” at The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine and is continuously improved based on user feedback and expert review. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

What are the differences between student and practitioner bots?

Student bots are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. They can tutor you in Western herbal materia medica, assist in understanding complex physiological processes, and even test your knowledge. Practitioner bots, on the other hand, act like your invisible clinical assistants, aiding in documentation and decision-making, among other tasks.

Do the bots utilize work of other herbalists?

Our chatbots operate within a unique sphere of expertise derived solely from the intellectual contributions of Thomas Easley. The training data encompasses the comprehensive curriculum of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, Thomas’ unpublished manuscripts—including the preliminary draft of his forthcoming textbook—as well as thousands of hours of audio lectures and months of manual corrections to responses generated for our beta testers.

As an author and artist, Thomas is acutely aware of the current debates surrounding data sourcing for AI and the potential implications for intellectual property rights. In light of this, he has invested significant time and effort to ensure that our custom-trained AI models generate responses grounded in his own body of work, rather than borrowing from the contributions of other herbalists.

It’s worth noting that while our bots may have underlying architecture provided by OpenAI, Thomas has undertaken rigorous steps to override their original training in herbal medicine. Consequently, you won’t encounter direct quotes or ideas attributed to great herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar or Jim McDonald here. While these names might be part of the chatbots’ foundational training, their functional knowledge in the field of herbal medicine has been meticulously curated to reflect Thomas Easley’s perspectives and expertise exclusively.

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